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The Remony of Ladonia

The 1st Chamber

Parliament Agenda

Parliament's history

Parties and Organisations in the Ladonian Parliament

The Ladonian Parliament houses/represents several parties and organisations. This page will give you a short presentation for each such organisation.

Organizations currently listed:

The Green Party of Ladonia

The Green Party of Ladonia was founded by lord Arvid von Hällen during a small ceremony on march 28, 1998.

Underlying our ideology is the awareness that life itself is threatened by modern civilisation. A civilisation that produces dead lakes and forests, soil erosion, airpollution, poisoned soil and ground water, global warming and social collapse is not a life-supporting system. A sustainable society on the other hand can be ecologically and socially sustained for generations to come. It respects life in all forms, is frugal with the resources of the world and tries to build a society which is socially and economically just.

These are the four solidarities that forms the basis for our ideology:

  • Solidarity with nature and the global ecolgical system
  • Solidarity with future generations
  • Solidarity with all the world's people in need
  • Solidarity with the indigent citizens of our country

These are some of the issues we work on:

  • Childrens needs have to be met
  • Priority should be given to basic health care instead of motorways
  • More power to the counties
  • Increased investments in efficient rail transport and telecommunications
  • Increased investments in renewable energy sources
  • Lowered taxation on income from salaries and introducition of environmental taxes
  • Eqality of the sexes
  • Immediate clamp-down on chemicals and building materials causing allergy problems
  • No to Ladonian membership in the European Union

Become a member of the Green party of Ladonia for free by sending an e-mail to: Then you'll receive more information about our ideology. The Green Party will send press-releases to the herald now and then to show the public how we look upon important political issues. The Green Party will of course take part in the general elections.


Lord Arvid von Hällen,
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Citizens' Tribune

The Citizens Tribune was created the 9th of september (1998) in the sole purpose of being of service to the people, to all Ladonian citizens.

We believe in progress through cooperation, only together can we advance further, untouched by the harsh sorroundings that without doubt will challenge us in the future.
We have survived so far. One of the reasons for that is that we are too small to be noticed. Too small to be of any threat.
But soon we will indeed be noticed, and all of us will perish if we do not take a stand soon.

"We are a chain, forged together by fate itself. If one of us fails, we must all fall. If one succeds, we will all succed. We stand as one."

Erik Tveteraas --- Tribunal Speaker

Below are the the main issues we work on at the time being:

  • The Parliaments voice must be heard! Let us confront Ladonia administration conserning political matters.
  • A competitive newspaper to the Herald would be ideal
  • We must improve Ladonia's link system
  • In order to let Ladonia's culture flourish it is vital to establish more colonys around the globe. (We have only 2 at the time being. One in Norway, and one in Italy.) If we do not do this we might, God forbid, end up like "bondeknøls". (A norwegian expression for asocial farmers, or something like that)
  • In coordinance with the above issue, we plan to set forth a plan called: C.P.C.A. (Colonial Program for Cultural Absorbation). All colonial offices will be responsible for gathering information about culture in the specific country.

In order to join the Citizens Tribune, please send an e-mail to: or

When you join you are given the option of becoming a "Voice", the standard position in the Tribune, or a Councillor, a more executive and demanding position. Jobs in the Tribune are varied. But all are serve to some degree a solution to our matters. I plan to establish regular chat sessions on IRC. Perhaps someone has a lot to offer me?

With regards,

Erik Tveteraas
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Liberal Party of Ladonia

LPL - Because Ladonia needs leadership for tommorow......

The LPL was founded on the 15th of december 1998 in the prupose of building a liberal society with free economy and equal opportunities for all the people.

Our principles: Lpl believes in a democratic and free society with liberal priciples. All the people must be free to live their lifes with the same oppurtinities. Rich and poor must be the same when they face the country's needs and the country's oppurtinities. We are at this time the only party in ladonia which represents the biggest number of ladonian citizens.

Our Quote is: 'LPL has the solutions for the 21st century'. Ladonia nees leadership for the 21st century difficulties. LPL is the best. You deserve the best.

LPL Will Strongly Fight FOR:
  • a better and more popular Parlament. The voice of our Parlament must be heard. The Parlament is the voice of the people of Ladonia and the voice of the people will be heard around the country ONLY with a strong Parlament.
  • a better notice board amd more effective and easy to use it;
  • colonies of Ladonia to be heard. (LPL is ready and can help a colony at greece to be establish);
  • a membership in European Union. Not only E.U., but also Ladonia will win from this;
  • new newspapers. At this time we beleive that Herald is not giving a so good idea of what is happening in Ladonia;

We strongly recommend to you NOT to join LPL right away - first come and meet us, e-mail us, speak to us, let's be friends, and then let's build the Ladonia of the 21st century.

We deserve a better Ladonia, we can build a new and better Ladonia.

Thank you very much.

In Truly freedom,
Chris Loutradis,
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Party for Social-Democracy in Ladonia

The Party of Ladonian Independence was founded in April, 1999. It became official in early May.

The PSDL has 3 main objectives:

  1. reaching the independence of Ladonia
  2. Ladonia in the E.U.
  3. reorganizing Ladonia: making a more proud and interactive Ladonia with a much more high activity level

In course of the reorganization program of Ladonia:
  1. Removing inactive politicians
  2. Founding a High Justice Court as in the Constitution
  3. Making Ladonia more popular on the web (new websites)
  4. Making the Parliament more active
  5. Founding more newspapers

Any Ladonian citizen at any age, gender and nationality who stands still for these statements and objectives can contact the party:

Do you want a more popular, interactive, free and independent Ladonia for the 21th Century?

Lord Thomas, founder and leader
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Templar Party

This is what we will work for:
  1. To get rid of all class differenses.
  2. Organise a military defence for the state of Ladonia.
  3. A membership in NATO.
  4. A membership inthe International red cross and red cresent.
  5. Membership in the EU
  6. More state control and more aoutorithy to the president.
  7. Get rid of all unactive politicians.
  8. Expand the borders of Ladonia.

Our Idelogy:

The Templar Party is a non democratic military party.

We belive the only way of a state to survive is by expansion.

If it is military or diplomatic conquest dosn´t matter as long as the border is moving.

We want to get rid of all classes. The only classes should be the ones who rule, the ones who represent the state and those who live in the state as citisens.

We belive the gouvrement is the state and therefor the only one that should decide matters about the state.

Contact information: Daniel Crüsell
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