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Eye of the Beholder II

The Legend of Darkmoon

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Eye of the Beholder IIThis was the first computer game I played, so it really impressed me. That feeling of being enchanted has not weared off since... Graphics, puzzles, mysteries, surprises, traps, magic, enchantment, here are the words which can greatly describe this game! But do also see a page dedicated to the first and the last games in this triology - Eye of the Beolder I and Eye of the Beolder III. Here you will feel almost as in EOBI - with all those great dungeons, puzzles, and... monsters, many of which found their way to the Temple of Darkmoon from the dungeons beneath Waterdeep.
Evil Dran Draggore plans again to destroy the city of Waterdeep. Arcmage of the city, Khelben Blackstaff, invites you and seeks your aid in helping him to secure the city. You are then sent to the Temple of Darkmoon. Through many perils lies your way, the chill of dungeons, the heat of fireballs, the thrill of unseen creatures, the magic of the marked by the Mark of Darkmoon, the wrath of Dran Draggore himself...
Behold the Beholder!
Dran must be stopped to save the city from its doom, so don't perish in vain! To help you through, use your imagination and intuition, Khelben's advices, and a great portion of luck...

Something else, which can help you through is an FAQ with solutions to some puzzles, and my clipart gallery, which can prepare you for the meeting with the creatures from each level. (The pictures from that gallery can be viewd in thumbnail form [314K graphics], clicking on thumbnails will produce full images.). A great help on your journie will also be the maps for each level [117K graphics]. I've also got some less nobel ways of winning. If you die each time you try to beat Dran, why not cheat a little and boost your characters' abilities and HP - download a character editor, and do just it (only 20K)! ...Ever wanted more items for your pet party? Here is a how-to with description of items you can get... When descending to sceleton level, or ascending to crimson level, a question will meet you. If you lost your manual, you might wish to have a look at solutions for these questions.

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