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Eye of the Beholder I

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Eye of the Beholder IThis brilliant game is the fist in the Beholder Triology (see also Eye of the Beholder II and Eye of the Beholder III). Waterdeep is in danger, some evil stirs beneath it. The Hight LordsYou are summoned by the High Lords of the city, and are given a comission to descend into the sewer dungeons beneath Waterdeep. But watch, for you are beheld be the evil itself...

As you enter the sewers an make some steps inside you hear a rumbling noise and as you turn the entrance is sealed off. From now on you are on your own. You must push on, keeping yourself alive. You'll find out that the sewers are not what they seem, encounering numerous monsters, you'll dicover the halls beneath the sewers, and will finally face Xanathar himself - the Great Beholder.

Entrance to the sewer system Something, which can help you through are the hints - a book of notes entitled "The World Beneath Waterdeep". And if the hints are not enough, go on and have a look at the walkthrough. A great help on your journie will also be the maps for each level [32K graphics]. And don't miss the descriptions of each monster you'll encounter. When descending the first set of stairs or when pushing past the dwarves' level, a question will meet you. If you lost your manual, you might wish to have a look at solutions for these questions.

An unknown portal It is almost not a secret that EOBI contains three areas, not accessable during normail gameplay. Having hacked EOB.EXE, making it possible to go throught walls, I reached those areas. They are located in North-Western corners of levels 1, 2 and 3. The only thing that puzzled me there was this sone portal, which has all of the pictures in place. It was not possible to activate it by any of the stone items in the game. Considering that some of the stair cases in these areas were not linked properly, I think that EOBI developers had some great ideas, which were dropped shortly before the game was to be released.

Gaming hint: Here is my strategy on how to complete the game, _and_ the last special quest, _and_ keep all of your party members alive! Ready your sword You help the dwarves and get the Wand of Silvas from them. And now you are about to enter the room with Xanathar himself. Now, prepare: give the Wand of Silvas to your strongest mage, and then make your party invisible (either drink the potions or better though cast "Invisibility radius 10'" spell. You are ready. Open the door and face Xanathar. As soon as he finishes talking, step back and sidestep to the left; turn right (you should see the door opening to your left now). Xanathar floats out. As soon as you see him, use the Wand of Silvas. This repells the Beholder. Quickly enter Xanathar's room, turn right and head down the corridor past a light beam trap (don't fear - you are invisible, remember?). In the next room you'll see two pedestals with eyes on them and a spike trap between them. Now face the trap and sidestep to the right, turning to the left, so that you would see the passage you came from end the Beholder when he appears. When he comes right in front of you, dance around him so that the trap, the Beholder and you party are on one line (from your waiting position: sidestep to the left, step forward, turn right really fast). Use the Wand to repell the Beholder and step on his place. Use the Wand once again and he gets spiked. Lean back and watch the closing seqence...

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