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ACTIVEX.COM - ActiveX software database from C|Net
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AltaVista - A search engine by Digital. One of the largest world catalogues. Allows searching in multiple languages.

Tip: To search for apple pie, apple tart, apple cookie and so on type: +apple pie tart cookie torte muffin
Search the Web or Usenet and display the results

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AOL NetFind

E-mail White Page Both

CDnow - A large archive of Music and Movies which you can buy.
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CERN's list over Web-servers

Computer Desktop Encyclopedia

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Computer Literacy Online - Search from their inventory of every computer book known!
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Computer News Daily - A daughter organisation of New York Times syndicate.

COMPUTERS.COM - Find a computer of your dream! An extencive computer database from C|Net.

CUI W3 Catalog

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Deja News - Searchers messages, posted to various newsgroups. It can be a reach and informative source.

Find messages in the archive

DOWNLOAD.COM - One of the largest collections of software available for download. From C|Net.
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Electric library
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Excite - One of the largest world catalogues. Also provides web reviews and other content services.
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Display my results by document with and results per page.
Display the top 40 results grouped by web site.

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Four11 - Sometimes called "the Internet white pages". Allows searching for email addresses and names.
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SmartName (Bob=Robert) Power Search

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FTP Search'95

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GAMECENTER.COM - Everything you want on games from C|Net.
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Globewide Network Academy (GNA) Meta-Library

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InfoSeek - InfoSeek is a comprehensive and accurate WWW search engine.

InfoSpace - Searching for email and names, other servies.

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