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The goal of this page is to povide the Members of the Ladonian Parliament with specific information on various Parliament-related subjects, as well as with MLP-only votings.

After my call concerning my resignation as a Speaker of the First Chamber, I got a letter from MLP Minister Matthew T. Sinclair, where he expresses his wish to take over as a Speaker. Here is his letter:

I would like to run for Speaker.  Lately, my activities in Ladonia were quite non-existant.  However, I am "jumpstarting" things once again.  As Minister of Transportation, I am going to organize a Ladonian delegation to the Chicago Auto Show of 2000.  If chosen as speaker, I have several proposals that I would hope be actively debated-
1)  The creation of a second chamber.  We need re-organization as far as the Parliament is concerned, and that includes the creation of a second chamber.  Perhaps we should split the nobility and other MLPs into two seperate chambers.  This is not to elevate the nobility or anything, but it is to create two seperate groups with same interests to work well within the group, and then to work with the other group.  I believe this to be slightly more productive.
2)  The agenda should be feverishly forwarded!  I have failed in my role as supervisor of sorts of the passport workgroup.  I would like to disband the current group and form a task force of normal Ladonian citizens (and MLPs).  This group should be open to everyone, but they must all be willing to work and be creative.  Otherwise, Ladonia will never have an internationally-acceptable Passport.
3)  Ladonia really should have its own domain name!
4)  Relations with other countries, etc. is an important issue!  There should be much discussion on this topic in the coming year and much accomplished.

As speaker, I would also initiate weekly or bi-weekly chats to discuss the issues of Ladonia.  Provided MLPs are from all different time zones, I would likely schedule the chats for the morning in US, allowing MLPs from many other countries to have a convenient time to debate.

I hope to receive much feedback from everyone on these proposals and I hope that I become the next speaker.  If not me, then someone else who will be good for Ladonia and good for the Parliament!


MLP Minister Matthew T. Sinclair
First Chamber of the Parliament/Ministry of Transportation

It is about time to work out some standarised rules for Parliament votings. The votings page gives a systematic representation of ideas for initiation, helding and interpretation of Parliament votings. These ideas have all been expressed by MLPs at some earlier stage. Please review these propositions once more as there will be a voting, which would eventually ratify them. If you have any corrections or alterations, please inform a Speaker about them.

I think it would be correct to make the voting on 'voting procedure' open for all Ladonians as it is an important topic also for those, who would eventually become MLPs in the future. (?)

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