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The Remony of Ladonia


The Office of Nothingness

Topics: Ladonia is a great place, where all nomads can find their peace. It is a country located just south for Sweden. This country was created by Lars Vilks, and has developed and grown ever since, finally proclaiming its independence from Sweden.

I am a Ladonian citizen. I find this country very inspiring and full of wonder... You may now want to learn more about this country by inspecting its Internet pages, or you can stay here and read a bit more.

Everyone can make a career in Ladonia. I myself is hosting a project called The National Poem of Nothingness. This project is about creating something from nothing . . .

The National Poem of Nothingness

As my contribution to Ladonian language
I chose the following Latin phrase:
Ex nihilum non nihil fit.

This choice of mine displays my fascination with nothingness - the absence of something. Ex nihilo kvedam fit should mean something like Something from nothing.

I suspect that "nihilum" or "nothing" is a very eonatic word. Moreover I think that the motto I presented above can represent the very nature of Ladonia - becoming (or at least seeking to become) something from non-existence.

The project on the National Poem of Nothingness is a project, where all Ladonians can participate. This Poem shall consist of only one word - nothing, written in all the languages of all the nations. It will be growing just like Ladonia itself, and can become the something when all the languages known to man are exhausted!

It can be an answer to an old philosophical problem: Where does everything come from? Can something be created from nothing? and What is what?

People of Ladonia, join this historical and philosophical project!!!!

You can send your word for 'nothing' from here:

The word stands for 'nothing' in language. This contribution comes from (full name), residing at e-mail address.
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Rules for The Poem

I suggest several rules for the creation of the Poem:
I wrote those rules to put some order into the chaos, but you are not totally obliged to follow them - we ladonians are nomads with our own Will! And after all, the Something has not yet been created, though it begins to shimmer in the dark - the Chaos is still ruling!!!

Aspects of Nothingness
On this page I shall collect everything, that concerns nothingness . . .

This subject, if it really exists, can be dealt with in several ways. One can defy nothingness, reject it, and say the nothing does not exist, for when you are thinking of nothing, you are actually thinking of something. One can also accept nothingness and get unified with it, thus becoming a shadow in th World. Finally, one can create a state of something out of nothing, conquering nothingness. (The way I chose!)

I want to begin this work with a tribute to the perfect nothingness!

Another thing, that I just cannot pass by is Count Torby's empty beercan. Count Torby is obviously the follower of the first school of thought (as mentioned above). He writes:
. . . That makes me wonder, is there really something like nothing? I have never seen nothing . . . Except when my beercan is empty.

If you are a programmer or at least an advanced computer user, you may know about NUL port. If you send things there, they just disappear, and cannot be found again - the philosophy of Nothingness right here in you computer!

And almost finally for now a short cite form Slow Waver:
"Time is motion and time is everywhere. Time creates time. The vaccum is timeless. Insert matter and time enters. Thats why timelessness is unmeasurable. And remember, there are no such thing as Chance. Ladonia, seek your Fate. Know your Fate. Time is a changing. Fate is not."
Timelessness and Nothingness are unmeasurable . . . The matter that is not cannot be measured. The beauty of the matter which cannot be seen cannot be described . . .

I have recently recieved the following message by e-mail (where nothingness almost rushes into your hands!):
Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 20:19:56 +0530
From: "rnssn@nde" <>
Subject: nothing
. . . and no content whatsoever! Isn't it great!

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