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Music notes

This page contains some scanned notes of a few classic composers. Click thumbnails in the table below to get the full-size copies. The notes were scanned from a russian source, so there are a few russin words and phrases to be found there. If you not that good at Russian, see a short list of translations below.

Kalinka (14480 bytes)
(Russian folklore) - 181K
St. Lucia (15559 bytes)
St. Lucia
(Italian folklore) - 210K
A Melody (14601 bytes)
A Melody
(A. Rubinshtein) - 175K
Surok (12604 bytes)
(L. Beethoven) - 159K
Earl's song (14665 bytes)
Earl's Song
(G. Verdi; from Rigoletto) - 182K
Bagpipe (13248 bytes)
(J. S. Bach) - 150K
Polonez (page 1) (15935 bytes)
Polonez, page 1
(M. Oginskij) - 234K
Polonez (page 2) (14044 bytes)
Polonez, page 2
(M. Oginskij) - 185K
Polonez (page 3) (13963 bytes)
Polonez, page 3
(M. Oginskij) - 194K

Translated words (4863 bytes)

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