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The Remony of Ladonia

Parliament discussions

Page 2

This is page 2 of the Parliament discussions site.

If you want to become an MLP, don't hesitate - mail me a message.

A Speaker of the 1st Chamber of the Ladonian Parliament.


. . . Continued from the previous page

Last updated on January the 11th 1999.

Parliamentary info by Nemo.
Hello to everybody

I should have done it before, but did not. Well, what is done, that is done, and in this case it can be undone. I am talking about my publishing of our parliamentary discussions on my homepage ( I suppose I should have asked your permission to do so. I am doing it now and am asking you to review the page. If you want something to be removed, mail me saying so, and it will disappear for ever. If I do not get any protests, before Friday, I will post a notice on ladoniaboard, announcing this page.

As I see it, some wandering Ladonians will probably come by the page, read it, and post some ideas, which would otherwise never enter our brains.

There is one more thing that I wonder about. Have our minister of Internet been informed about the Parliament discussions. I believe he is to play a great role in organising the communication lines for the Parliament. (E.g. a set of small discussions boards for the chambers).

I still do not agree with Count Michael af Jonasson that e-mail communication and "Herald-communication" are the ideal ways to initiate communication between the MPs of the reasons which I posted in my letter "Thoughts about Parliament".

I can add one more reason agains e-mail - it is difficult to gain a good overview. I, for example, use my page to quickly browse through previous postings. There is no easy way to do so if one has only separate e-mail postings. Now, think about all the MPS, exchanging ideas inside, and between chambers. It will soon come chaos into who said what and wether something had ever been said at all!

That's all for now.
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A Declaration by Sir Randal MacNiall Bundy.
Greetings to my fellow citizens of Ladonia

It should be affirmed that politically, I am a Monarchist but I am also a supporter of the Parlament. I believe that any persons should have a voice in the administration of their government and country. For myself I am in full trust of our Queen, State Secretary and the Ministers but mans quest for greater voice can not be quelched so I applaud those who are erecting the parlament and I offer my services in any way that they might need.

Thank you Nemo for you wonderful endevours!

Sir Randal MacNiall Bundy
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Re: A Declaration by Jan Nawrin.
I am newcomer.

I find the ongoing diskussion a bit hazy and very "official". This maybee because I am not updated as to what the core of the "Ladonian" idea is. Please help me out. I have reached out a hand to see if there are still people around of moral guts and ethical integrity. The work of Lars W, aginst stubborn authorities have just in such a way I like gotten those who are elected by the people to stand for hight standards to show what they are. I also think it has enhanced the free diskussion and the idea of real democracy. Please tell me if there are any around who wants to diskuss such items especially concerning the welfare of all those slain by the brutal politics concerning especially health care and even more mental health care, psychosicialhygienics and such.

JE Nawrin
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Re: Re: A Declaration by Sir Randal MacNiall Bundy.
Welcome Jan;

If reference to "the core of the "Ladonian" idea is", I believe it is best explained that, so long ago when small countries, kingdoms, or tribes first became conquered by their neighbors, they may have submitted to the greater power but they never lost the spirit of Freedom, self rule, and independence. Finally now many small countries, kingdoms, and tribes are beginning to re-establish there own true identity and independence. We have seen this in places like the Former Soviet Union and Northern Ireland. We are beginning to see it in Scotland and Wales and even in a small and isolated reginon known as Ladonia. The spirit of man can not be imprissoned for ever.

As in all great revolutions it takes one person with a dream to wake the sleeping masses. For our sweet Ladonia that person was our founding father "Lars Vilks".

Regarding "moral guts and ethical integrity", I believe that you will find in Ladonia some of the finest people your ever meet. But these types of people may not neccessarily be elected, I for one do not believe that "Democracy" is the cure for all, nor is it the answer to every problem. Tyrany has always been hidding in the shadows and waiting for the chance to conquor. But good men and women can rule without being tyrants and without submitting to the caos of democracy. And a people can be free without micro-managing there country.

Some of the other subjects mention I am afraid I must reserve comment on in favor of others who may be more inlightened in those fields.

I am your humble servant.......

Sir Randal MacNiall Bundy (Bonde)
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One month to the Parliament's opening by Nemo.
Hello to everybody.

It is now one month until the preset date for the opening of our ladonian Parliament. So it is perhaps time to annonce the opening of the MP vacancies. I suppose the Parliament should open on the 1st of March and begin being functional from that same date.

I think that the outline of Parliament's functionality has been discussed well enough. It is time to actually set up the thing itself and had it ready to function from the beginning of March.

Another question is a Law issue. I have heard that our now-petrified Minister of Justice issued a law saying that Ladonia should not have any formal laws. If it is true, then the future Parliament will have a problem in legalizing itself - for we agreed that we should have a formal law paragaph about Parliment.

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Re: One month to the Parliament's opening by Baron Johan.
Hi everyone!

I will adress some important issues here, but will not summarize the total of suggestions that have landed on our shore. We will have to discuss more sppecific issues later. I will here put on the roll of a chairman, but one wearing a green caftan.

1) Nemo mentioned that we should announce MP vacancies in the 1st chamber. Before we can do that we must decide who is MPīs now. Therefore i ask all of you: Please reply on this list if you want to become an MP. YES or NO. Also reply if you are interested in becoming a speaker. YES or NO.

2) I find my own proposal of multiple chambers as very excellent. It is kind of eonatic, somewhat odd in comparence with for example Sweden. Count Michael has also said yes to this idea. Can we decide this, or should we wait and discuss it further?

3) The cabinet have on its agenda for this month the issue concerning the power of the parliament. It is the cabinet that will have to decide to change the constitution, i.e. make an amendment concerning the role of the parliament.

4) Practical issues. Regarding the communication within the parliament, I think we could agree to have an e-mail list and a discussion board for each chamber, or maybe an announcement board. Nemo fears that the e-mail communication will become a mirage. That is not so probable I would say. I think the suggestion of Count Michael of 14th january is OK. If a member wants to speak to some ladonians and discuss things and if he or she doesn't want to be heard all over the world, they must have that opportunity. I think closed and opened discussions could be decided when they begin, by the adresser. The discussions could then be abstracted on the official board and of course in the Herald. I don't think this would be a break in the free stream of information. Citizens may hesitate to become MP's if they don't like to stand in a speakers corner. This way we would attract more citizens, I am sure. Could we agree to this?

5)The opening will take place 1st of march even if we haven't decided in every issue. We must remember that we are ladonians and not becoming to official, in that I agree with Jan Nawrin even though I disagree with him that Lars Vilks was and is an againster. The parliament could be an open and free forum for discussions, single projects and adventoures or any creative expression, of course not necessarily shiny and happy, as is demonstrated by Jan Nawrins concerns.

6) We could have an agenda for discussions and it could be handled by the speaker. Issues to discuss could be raised by the MP's or any other citizen. The issues could be posted directly to the Guest Book, suggested by Nemo. Could we agree on this?

If we could come to some conclusions here, we could soon announce them on the disc.board.

I also hope that SS Lars writes some lines about the parliament in the forthcoming Herald, as I haven't had time to write down something.

By for now
Wishes Baron Johan
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Re: Re: One month to the Parliament's opening by Nemo.
Hi everyone!

1) What concerns becoming an MP, I answer Yes to that. I am more sceptical to wether I will be suited as a speaker as I have too little time to work with things, but if nobody else takes this vacancy, I can act as a temporary speaker.

2) The multiple-chamber Parliament is a great idea, although funtionaluty of the chambers can be further discussed by the Parliament itself.

4) I easily accept the piece of argument, saying that not everybody would like to stand in the "speakers corner". Thus I also agree on some idea-exchange being made non-publicly.

[5) Too much buraucracy can halt the system, too little can lead to anarchy. We should follow Aristoteles' advice and keep to the "golden road in the middle"]

6) I will prepare the "guest book" or should we call it "agenda book" and will post it's address for you to inspect and critisize.

That's all for now.
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Parliament' agenda board by Nemo.
Hello everyone,

As I had promissed, I created an "agenda board" for the new Parliament.

The address is:

Review it - it would be nice to get some suggestions. I just must note that I do not have much control over how the board looks like as it is created on a commercial server, which provides free message boards.

That's all for now,
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Parliament ? Democracy ? peoples rulership by Geir Stene.
I'll join in to this. Doesn't matter to me how it s constructed, not at all. By attending I would guess it is the meaning that I can partisipate to change it into what ever is best - for Ladonia anyway. So just let it start of as - huh - something. And let the discussions wether it is democracy, and / or peoples rulership that goes on. Just tell me where to Sign - if you are interessted in having me there , that is - all that are for raise their hand ! all against ? and noone is careless I presume....

I like the good work you folks have done allready..

But I do dislike the idea of a upper house , with the knights and such and a 'lower' cabinet for the commen folks. I do dislike the very idea of it..

Geir Stene
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Ongoing parl by Lars Vilks.
Dear Nemo,

It seems to continue smoothly! A new Herald is under production and I will make more announcments of the Parliament. I think it is a good idea with chambers but it can be a problem withthe proportions as we do not know how many MP:s will join one or the other of these chambers. Let us say that 15 MP:s will join one of them and 2 MP:s the other? Or shall we just have the proportion as a goal in the long run?

Decisions and matters are of course other problems. Should I serve the Parliament with all sorts of questions as I do with the cabinet? I can very well do that. And then I guess we have to find out what questions should be specifik for the Cabinet and Parliament. Appointing new ministers for example is probably a task for the cabinet (?)

We will find out, but the thing is that we have started.

You are doing a splendid job.

One thing more: Could a person be a member of both the cabinet and the parliament? I ask this question as Andras Palotas has said that he is interested in this.

All the best

Lars V
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